Parenting Group Schedule

Select appropriate course based on the age of your “target” child:
Parenting Classes: For Parents of children ages 0 through 3(CBP-CWTB)
COPE: For parents with children ages 0 through 3: Over the course of 9 weeks parents will learn: a. Strategies for encouraging and nurturing a healthy and positive relationship with their infant/toddler b. Activities for teaching better attention, social skills and self-esteem c. Age appropriate social and emotional communication with toddlers designed to prevent potential disruptive behaviors in the future
Parenting Classes: For Parents of Children Ages three to five(CBP-COPE)
COPE: For Parents with children ages 3 through 5: Over the course of 9 weeks,
parents will learn:
  1. Specific problem solving strategies for addressing challenging behaviors
  2. Models for generating effective solutions to common parenting challenges
  3. The value of positive parenting and the difference it can make in their child’s long-term success
To enroll in a class:
  1. Click on the curriculum option that best matches your needs based on the age of your child.
  2. You will then see a schedule of available classes. Select class by indicating the number of people that will be attending.
*If you are unsure or have questions regarding which class to enroll, please call us at 949-267-0227