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Child Behavior Pathways (formerly known as CUIDAR for Attention & Learning) provides education-based services that emphasize the use of active, small group discussions among parents of children 0-5 years of age, helping them identify their goals and desired approaches to parenting.

Parents will learn:

• Everyday strategies for fostering a healthy, positive parent-child relationship
• Understanding appropriate developmental expectations
• Tools for responding to common attention seeking behaviors
• Approaches for preventing disruptive and challenging behaviors
• Creating an environment that fosters a child’s attention, social skills and self-esteem

Child Behavior Pathways will make every effort to accommodate families who do not have the means to cover the class fee. We are currently providing scholarships to families experiencing financial hardships. To apply for a scholarship or to discuss other payment options, please contact us at the number provided below.

Contact Information
For English parents of children 0-5 years of age, please call: 949-267-0227

Para familias con ninos de 3-5 anos por favor comuniquese con nosotros al: 949-267-0200

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